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Roofing Specialist - Remodeling Expert  Residential Construction Contractor

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Fixing the Roof
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Why Peach State?

Why do customers end up with Peach State Restoration Consulting 100% of the time over our competitors?

1 week installation time - with construction wait times at an all time high, we offer what no other roofer in Georgia can - your new roof installed within a week! Upon signing a contract, your project will be done within a week - we guarantee it!

High Quality Work - regardless of your current shingle, we upgrade all our customers to architectural shingles and use local skilled roofers to make sure your project is perfect and we guarantee our work.

Zero out of pocket - The large majority of our customers pay zero out of pocket for roof replacement. We work with your insurance company to make sure you receive a fair settlement - leaving you only responsible for optional upgrades and additional projects!

Free 65'' TV - Peach State projects usually make you fall in love with your home all over again! To "thank you" for your business and to help you enjoy your home even more - all customers who do business with us get a free 65" Smart TV!

Customer Loyalty Discounts - Your zero out of pocket roof project means you'll have extra cash to complete those projects you've been hoping to complete around your home! Anyone who hires Peach State to complete their roof gets a 15% discount for as long as you live in your home on any project you want us to complete. We do everything from full kitchen remodels to decks to mailboxes!

Finance Your Roof  & Keep the Cash - We partner with a national construction finance company to help you keep your cash if you need it! Most of our customers are approved within seconds with low rates and low monthly payments. Finance the roof replacement and keep your cash! Even on insurance claims!

What does this mean? With Peach State you have ALL of these perks to gain and absolutely NOTHING to lose. 

Roof Shingles
Roof Shingles
Brown Roof
Black Roof

Ready for us to visit? Book an appointment with us! We will send out an expert within 2 business days! Sometimes even same day!

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